SIUC Automotive Technology Scholarships

Each year, the SIUC Automotive Technology Department awards thousands of dollars of scholarships provided by manufacturers, endowments, and friends of the program. Most of these scholarships are awarded during the student portion of our fall Advisory Committee meeting. There are four documents below. The Scholarship List includes all of the scholarships available for the current school year. The Scholarship Application is required to be considered for any of the SIUC Scholarships. The Aurther T. Ross application is a seperate application to be considered for this prestigious award. Finally, the APSA-Silverman document is another seperate application that is required for consideration of the APSA award.

Scholarship List A listing of the current school year's scholarships
Automotive Scholarship Application Required document for all SIUC Scholarships
Arthur T. Ross Scholarship An additional application for the Arthor T. Ross Scholarship to be done in conjuction with the Automotive Scholarship Application
APSA-Silvermann Scholarship Application The Aftermarket Parts and Service Association scholarship application